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Tags are a simple way to categorize and sort your wishes. They also help for finding Items tagged by people with similar interests as you..

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RSS Feeds allow you to access your lists with any newsreader (including My Yahoo). TTIW has Rss2 and Atom Feeds for all of your Public Lists and Tags..

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Like April, you can create as many lists as you like, for any occasion you want. You can Add pictures and Explanations to your lists, Order your wishes any way you like, add priorities and Tag them for easy sorting and retrieval. You can also add your lists to your blog or Access them through RSS Feed. You can make your lists Private (Accessible only by you ), Guests Only (Accessible only by the people you invite) or Public (Accessible by all the TTIW Community). And if that's not enough, you can even Password Protect your lists and for Christmas or your Birthday you can choose not to know what your friends and family have gotten for you till Christmas Eve or your Birthday's date.

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TheThingsIWant.com is your FREE, personal, Shopping List, Gift List, Wedding Registry and Baby Registry solution. It works virtually wherever you go on the Internet at any online store. You can use it at all the big sites (for example, Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, BN.com, J.Crew, LL Bean and Allders ) and all your favorite small ones too. Your offline shopping list and gift lists don't tie you to a single store; we make sure your online lists don't either. So instead of having lots of "Wishlists" all over the place, simplify and have one place for all your wishlists at TheThingsIWant.com