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Sock Dreams ~ Feelmax Over-the-Knee Toe Socks

Sock Dreams ~ Feelmax Over-the-Knee Toe Socks

Price: $12
From: sock-dreams.com

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E Kaplan January 20 2007
Rating: 4 starsOTK Toesocks from Sock Dreams
Haven't I reviewed these already? Hmm. Well. Guess not. Here's the deal- I'm shaped a lot like Olive Oyl- US 10's in shoes, but the circumference of my ankles is less than that while my calves make it up to a hulking 12" and my knees are around 15". I also have what someone one referred to as "fingertoes"-i.e. v. long and thus perhaps more prone to stay put in their little pockets. However, I own other brands of toesocks and I guarantee you that these babies are unique when it comes to staying where you put them. This goes not only for the toes, but also the midfoot, ankle, and calf, which are reinforced with secret invisible elastic. Unfortunately they do become very snuggly knee highs the moment you start walking, but that's the only bad thing I can fathom saying about them.

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