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Billy james October 30 2007
Rating: 4 starsLove the Service.
In terms of customer service and quality of product I would recommend autopartswarehouse.com, I have fun while ordering for a F150 A/C Condenser. Autopartswarehouse works for me... Many write reviews just to destroy this site, I'm a living proof, all bad reviews about this online retailer are all bunch of hoaxes!
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Carl Michaels November 15 2007
Rating: 4 starsIf your looking for quality Jeep Parts here's the place to go!
The ACI A/C Condenser for my 2001 Jeep Cherokee was superb! First, I thought it was overprice (thanks to the convincing strategy of the sales representative that convince me to buy the said part) but the price was all worth it! Thanks for the quality auto parts!
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Gabby Lopez November 16 2007
Rating: 4 starsGreat place to shop!
Even though I didn't end up ordering something from them I can say that they have the friendliest customer service. You'll enjoy talking to them because they are so intelligent and nice.
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Kevin Edwards November 22 2007
Rating: 3 starsgood service
The service is fair enough for me but it's more that good than the other online stores for car parts. I was able to easily order a Dodge AC Compressor from their website and I was able to receive the product on time without any worrying for the money I spent. I will surely go back in here.
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Sophie Fisher November 24 2007
Rating: 4 starsloved the shopping experience!
as an online shopping neophyte, i must say that i really loved shopping on this site! the site is easy to navigate, and check-out was hassle-free too. :) two thumbs up!
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Francesco Oyo December 06 2007
Rating: 4 starsGood memories
I love shopping here... They are worthy of my trust, they really know what they are doing, they are so great!!!
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Cavin Des December 06 2007
Rating: 4 starsRehab for others
Autopartswarehouse is awesome! They offer wide variety of quality and affordable car parts and accessories plus their friendly customer service!!!... Rehab for others...
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Tiffany Wilson December 07 2007
Rating: 4 starslove it!
my boyfriend recently introduced me to the world of online auto parts shopping, and i must say, i am very impressed with this one! :)
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Ethan Lee December 17 2007
Rating: 5 starsSuperb!
on time delivery... superb service... friendly customer service agents... impressive website...
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Kendra Franco January 10 2008
Rating: 3 starsGreat!
Cool place. Great prices. Nice service. What more could you want?
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mark kram February 07 2008
Rating: 4 starsAlthough, some of your insights are true, i don't know, maybe we have different perceptions. I can say that i find this site good enough because here you can look for hard to find auto parts. Other than that, the service of the site itself is nice because they have customer care page and it shows that they are there to help.
I have observed in this site, it is very good because they meet my expectations everything I ordered had been delivered, customer service is great, plus the discounts!

we have different observations but i hope some of you guys will give extra credit for this.

Thank You.
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David Cliche February 07 2008
Rating: 5 starsSimply the best
One of the fewest online auto parts that I go through when it comes to shopping for my car.
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Keith Lockhart February 08 2008
Rating: 4 starsThey're not perfect. But, they do give quality service.
Autopatswarehouse is not perfect at all, but what i do like about them is they have the ability of giving a better customer service.
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Goldy Myer February 29 2008
Rating: 4 starsWorth the try
Autopartswarehouse really is worth a try in terms of wide variety of car parts, they really do offer quality and affordable auto parts, they are worth trying for.
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Katherin Hooper April 10 2008
Rating: 5 starsAutopartswarehouse.com the best service!!!
The autopartswarehouse.com is really great it helps the car enthusiast to have the hard to find car parts. It offers big discount and have great and best service. It is like a friend of all the car lover. The products here are all in quality. Also the never missed the deadlines for thier customer. Its been my favorite online auto parts store. Great job autopartswarehouse!!!
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roger rockmore April 11 2008
Rating: 4 starsi like their services
I have seen many bad reviews about autopartswarehouse but i wanna prove them wrong because i'm a regular customer of this firm and i know everything, the way they handle their customers and they're very accommodating . anyway, i dont care about what people say as long as i'm happy with their services i'll continue buying hard to find parts at Autopartswarehouse.com
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Aaron Young April 11 2008
Rating: 5 starsGood Service. Good People.
I, as a regular customer of Auto Parts Warehouse not at all experienced bad service from them. My ride model is a Toyota Camry 2006 and I ordered a driver side tail light from them (Auto Parts Warehouse) and I received it within two days and I am very much happy with what I ordered since they delivered it on time and my parts were all good and no damage and also their customer service are all pleasant and very easy to talk to. I think that customers should be more considerate sometimes with the staffs.
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kevin allen April 19 2008
Rating: 4 starssatisfied with their services enjoys shopping online. autopartswarehouse is the best.
i bought some parts for my truck some of them were hard to find parts so my friend told me to look at this site and i'm happy because i got my parts at autopartswarehouse.com this is the best site for me and my truck!
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Louis kart April 23 2008
Rating: 4 starsI bought some knn air filters fir my car, and it was purchase on line with autopartswarehouse. at first i was second though on buying on line, but in the end i bought it.
I bought some knn air filters fir my car, and it was purchase on line with autopartswarehouse. at first i was second though on buying on line, but in the end i bought it. It was easy as i expected the call representative was very accommodating and they really know what they are selling. But what really impress me is there delivery, it was fast and it was handle with care, I will be recommending this site to my fellow friends.
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Matthew Thomas April 24 2008
Rating: 4 starsI recommend it
I was impressed the first time I browsed their website because of the wide variety of aftermarket auto parts to choose from. And so I tried ordering parts from them (aftermarket springs for my ride to be exact), and I was impressed because they the delivered the goods fairly on time.
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Beau David April 26 2008
Rating: 5 starsLoyal Consumer
Autopartswarehouse is the best online shopping for me ever since, because I like the way they take care of their consumers and the service they provide. I bought a lot of parts already at Autopartswarehouse and I never experience awful service, the last part I bought is an air filter for my Subaru and they delivered the parts on time and the prices are very inexpensive and that’s the thing that I love most from them.
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jacq moore May 22 2008
Rating: 4 starsit's convenient
I've just bought clutch disc at autopartswarehouse.com, I dont have much knowledge about cars, I just only drive my car. Usually when my car ins't working i always ask my dad & friends of what to do. When they ask me to buy some parts, i always go to different shops, but now i just use APW. It's user friendly, less hasslea and at a reasonable price.
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michelle bumgarner May 22 2008
Rating: 3 starsYou'll definitely get your money's worth
Autopartswarehouse is definitely one of my favorite sites, and what I love most about it is how it makes my online shopping experience so painless. It provides a wide variety of items on sale. The layout is absolutely user-friendly which helps me find the parts I need in a snap. Great deals, quality auto parts, free shipping, on time delivery, not to mention the discounts they offer from time to time. I just hope all websites could give a service the way autopartswarehouse does.. You'll definitely get your money's worth in Autopartswarehouse!
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ethan baker May 22 2008
Rating: 5 starsHad the parts I needed and delivered right on time
I've been enjoying good service from them ever since my first purchase. Bookmarked this site for future purchases. Nice layout, good service. Had the parts I needed and delivered right on time.
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andi ricks May 22 2008
Rating: 5 starsSame GREAT EXPERIENCE
It was my 4th time to purchase my car parts from autopartswarehouse and I still get the same great service and quality products from them. I was never disappointed. keep it up!
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Miles Smith June 29 2010
Rating: 1 starsPoor customer service. Long processing times. Ridiculous Shipping times!
This site, while having good prices, is scary. Two days ago (in the morning), I ordered a clutch kit. Any other outfit could have shipped it by close of business that day. Now, two days later, my order is still "processing", and yet, the funds have been withdrawn from my account. Any reputable seller would not charge until the item shipped. I think I got screwed big time! I could have driven down to their sales office in Carson, CA, placed the order in person and driven back home by now.
Also, they told me that the item would ship from the nearest warehouse to my location and yet, they also say that shipping times are 5 to 7 days! Again, I could drive to a warehouse and pick it up in less than two days!

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