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steve franklis: Tag: l

Price: $199.99
From: cellhut.com
Priority: 1 - Must Have
Notes: LG GX500 is recently launched from LG which has display type as TFT resistive touchscreen. The size of the phone is 3.0 inches, which is pretty huge and it has the capacity to cover 240 x 400 pixels. The dimensions are in the figures of 108.9 x 53.4 x 13
Price: $69.99
From: keepontalking.com
Priority: 3 - Like To Have
Notes: LG KP105 that makes everything colourful whenever switched on!A feature that makes the phone alarm signal ring at a time you set.On the move and bored? Not any more. Just plug in your stereo headset and choose from the wealth of music and audio programs a
Price: $489.99
From: keepontalking.com
Priority: 1 - Must Have
Notes: LG GD880 Mini is the smallest and slimmest 3.2-inch full touchscreen phone on the market today, making it the perfect handset for people who want all the communication features that today’s technology has to offer without the bulk and heft of a traditiona
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