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steve franklis: Tag: sa

Price: $34.99
From: keepontalking.com
Priority: 2 - Love To Have
Notes: Samsung E1086 is ideal for users who want unobtrusive handset who'll enjoy its compactness and simplicity. Good design gives users the choice, ideal to match your personality and preferences, and feel like it's all theirs. The bar-type form factor offers
Samsung S8300 Tocco Unlocked - 8MP Camera Phone
Price: $399.99
From: deals2samsung.com
Priority: 3 - Like To Have
Notes: Samsung S8300 Tocco the most of now for your daily work as Samsung has just arrived with edition. The phone has features latest and updated versions’ of software’s and hardware’s. The phone gives you following features like. 8 MP of camera with screen res
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